Blog Post #29

  1. The terms rhetorical situation, composing, and discourse community do and do not change from the academic paper to the multimodal assignment. While the components are the same in a paper and a multimodal assignment, how you go about them is different. Because of the different ways of sharing the information, the style and format for each of the terms will be slightly different.
  2. The target audience of my multimodal text will be anyone interested in or unaware of the problems and ways to help children in foster care. The multimodal text I choose will be versatile and easily accessable. The knowledge I will provide will have problems, solutions, and ways to help kids if people want to get more involved.
  3. I will choose a multimodal that is easily accessable and easy to share, for instance like a facebook page, to accomplish circulation of my text.
  4. I can specifically reach the audience I identified by putting information that attracts people, and sharing the information with people that I already know have an interest, such as the followers on sites of foster care and adoption.
  5. Exigence can be accomplished by enhancing the problems that are shocking to people. Capitalizing on the bad can help show that not all of foster care is good and that more people need to get involved to help.
  6. The news article I found delt with a lot of child abuse and neglect. I can use this to help emphasize that not only does the system need to change but the people in it as well.
  7. I can keep my text relevant when new events arise relating to my text by showing them and discussing more problems in detail.

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