Blog Post #27

3 texts I might want to build:

  1. Facebook page click here
  2. website click here
  3. blog click here

b. Write a list of pros and cons (at least 5 each)

  1. Facebook pros: easy to read. good information. easy access to information. phone numbers. good organization.                              cons: not very detailed. limited information. limited explinations. unwanted comments. untrue stories from                                comments.
  2. website pros: questions and answers. easy format. how to become a foster parent. how to help. ways to improve.                      cons: not a lot of information on first page. have to search for info. not very detailed. hard to search for what                            you want. adds.
  3. blog pros: lots of links to more info. posts rated. opprotunity to meet people. share ideas. become better informed.                 cons: very confusing. have to click on links for information. not reliable. blog closes and info is lost. hard to read.

c. In writing, answer the following questions:

i. Who is the target audience of the multimodal text

  1. Facebook: anybody who is interested in foster care or helping children
  2. website: people looking for foster care questions and answers.
  3. blog: people who want more info or want to talk aobut the problems and solutions or their experience.

ii. What strategies does the author use to make their text accessible to their audience?

  1. facebook: public format, used my millions in many different countries.
  2. website: public, but have to search for it.
  3. blog: public, easy talk and response format.

iii. What is the goal of this multimodal text?

  1. All goals are to inform readers of problems and how they can help.

iv. Do you think the goal was achieved?

  1. Facebook: yes
  2. website: yes
  3. blog: no, too hard to find information that is vetted.

v. What specific features of the media allowed the goal to be achieved?

  1. facebook: easy accessability and can find people with out them having to search for it.
  2. website: relevant info that was easy to obtain and questions and answers format.

vi. What specific features of the media made it difficult for the goal to be achieved?

  1. blog: not enough information without having to work for it.

d. Discuss the differences in how the authors used the media form to present different kinds of information depending on topic and purpose.

  1. facebook: topic was foster care community and adoption, easy access to both questions, answers, and help.
  2. website: topic was foster care adoption and how people could help. information was given and resources available.
  3. blog: topic was whatever the person wanted it to be, but was unorganized and hard to get relevant information.

e. Discuss the differences between target audiences among all 3 samples.

  • facebook and the website both had the same genre of audience in mind with the easy information on hand and question and answer format, but the blog was more of a write what you want even if you do not know what your talking about.

f. Were there some kinds of information or some topics that just worked better on this type of media than others?

  • facebook and the website worked better because they were easy to access and had better formats.

g. For EACH text, answer the question: Do you think you would use this form of media for your Remix and why?

  1. facebook: yes, can easily get information to a large group of people and it is easy to understand and get info.
  2. website: yes, can easily look up information i need and it has a good format.
  3. blog: no, horrible formatting and no filter for who puts what on the page, which could be wrong or untruthful information.

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