Blog Post #23

A creative, or out of the box solution, would be to completely get rid of the foster care system in place, and construct a new system, which helps children succeed and flourish after they turn eighteen. It seems to me that inmates in prison get better opprotunities and  extravagancies than foster children do.

To get the funds for this I believe we should have the government fund half of the money they do for the prisons and the programs involved. From there we can also get donations for clothes and food, while the money from the tax payers and government will be spent on building a facility which is like a dorm type enviornment, with programs such as GED and trade experience. This way siblings will not be seperated, and they will have food, shelter, communication with other children, a non hostile enviornment, and some luxuries that they would not be afforded in some homes such as tv, internet, video games, and billiards tables. It is important for children in the program to feel as if they can still be children and enjoy the options in life that would not be afforded to them with foster parents who only want a check. And a program for people who want children and want to adopt will be in place as well, with a strict background check and home enviornment.


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