Blog Post #22


  1. explain how the issue you’re discussing is an actual problem
  2. how significant it is
  3. what kind of people are hurt by your problem
  4. who is benefiting from the problem as it is unsolved
  5. repurpose the work you completed from your Infographic and Literature Review
  6. explain in detail any solutions that have been tried on a scale large enough to study
  7. describe any current proposals that are being made by current politicians, organizations, or interested parties.
  8. find out how the public has received those programs/proposals.
  9. What objections exist against those professional proposals
  10. propose a solution of your own which can encompass several aspects of your sources’ proposals
  11. anticipate opposition to your proposal and demonstrate how those potential objections can be overcome in your solution
  12. justify taking the action you suggest.

Summarize what the assignment is requiring you to do

This assignment is requiring me to use the knowledge I have learned from my infographic and research, and apply it to my own proposal of the problems and solutions.


  1. argument
  2. support
  3. analysis
  4. organization
  5. background
  6. justification
  7. persuasiveness
  8. integration of sources
  9. MLA formatting and mechanics

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