Blog Post# 20

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Challenges and solutions

The solution is support – adequate, appropriate, caring support.  

  • Support must start early.
  • Supportive adults must understand the science of brain development and the effects of trauma.
  • Adults need to reach young people on their own level, in ways that make sense to them and have meaning in their lives.
  • Supportive adults must understand the realities of college.
  • We must not set youth up for failure by encouraging them to take classes for which they do not have the background.
  • Supportive adults must help students understand the realities of financial aid.
  • To avoid massive student loan debt, it is critical that foster youth understand the difference between a grant and a loan, and  learn to budget.
  • Support needs to be consistent and longterm.
  • In order to succeed in all of these endeavors and more, they need the same consistent, long-term caring support as any other young adult.

Fixing foster care 5 strategies

  • Strengthen Families of Origin
  • Support Case Workers
  • Educate the Public
  • Help Children Deal With Unresolved Grief and Loss
  • Guide Children in Building Connections

Foster care problems

  • antisocial behaviors
  • low self-esteem
  • post traumatic stress disorders
  • depression
  •  help young people build their self-esteem
  • provides quality life experiences to children and young people who have been victimized
  • with the right care a child can flourish, and sometimes foster care may be the only solution.  need for strengthening foster care programs
  • keeping a child in their own homes or placed with a relative in a nurturing family environment.
  • address the need for more caring, committed people becoming foster care givers
  •  community to provide help for families
  • A key issue is the case worker, often an area of need as time and funds are issues.
  • adoption and its challenges

Sexual Abuse in Family foster care

  • “On Jan. 31, 2001, 5-year-old Logan Marr was found dead in the basement of her foster mother’s home in Chelsea, Maine.” 1
  • Bruce never had an advocate.9 Bruce was removed from his biological parent‟s home
  • Two young girls from Ohio claim their foster parents subjected them to almost seven years of torture – “including being caged in kennels like animals.”15
  • One solution alone is not enough to eliminate foster care abuse.

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