Blog Post #10

textbook: study of how humans use language/ symbols to influence beliefs, attitudes, and the actions of other people.

dictionary: language used to influence people, and it may not be honest or reasonable. (Merriam Webster)

Internet: speaking or writing that is used to persuade people. Found Here

rhetorical strategies

  1. Simile: Compares one thing to another. Found in book.
  2. Counterpoints: Contrasting ideas. Ex. black/white and good/bad.Found Here
  3. Imagery: Language that uses one or all of the five senses.Found Here
  4. Allegory: A narrative in which the characters and/ or behavior show symbolism on many levels. Found Here

  5.  Enumeratio: Makes points with details. Ex. Renovations Found Here
  6. Antithesis: makes a connection between two things. Found Here

We are abandoning children in foster care Open Here


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