Blog post #9

infographic 2


1. Appealing to the eyes. 2. Good color scheme. 3. Good statistics. 4. Relevant statistics. 5. Picture goes with statistics.


1. not a lot of information. 2. They could have used a better picture. 3. Writing should be a little bigger. 4. More statistics would have been better. 5. More than one picture.

infographic 3


1. Useful key. 2. Good information. 3. A lot of facts. 4. Creative 5. Eye catching.


1. Could have used a better picture. 2. Boring with the one picture of the “king”. 3. Key pictures to me do not make sense. 4, More than one picture. 5. More relevant pictures all around.

infographic 4


1. Creative. 2. A lot of information. 3. Good that they used some color. 4. Eye catching with the guy in the middle. 5. Can understand that it has something to do with google.


1. Unorganized. 2. Bland. 3. Not enough color. 4. Hard to read. 5. Hard to read.

5 Conventions

1. I will choose my pictures wisely.

2. Make sure lettering is big enough to see.

3. Correspond the pictures with the writing.

4. Have more than one picture for a given slide.

5. Make the overall theme easy to understand in all slides.

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