Blog Post #5

To create an Infographic and fulfill the assignment directions I will have to plan how to layout the points that need to be made, as well as statistics and pictures that will capture my audiences attention. I will have to research a lot of statistics to show actual proof of the problem, and apply them to pictures that will make the audience think. Overall production should contain a pic per statistic, statistics that are relevant to the overall message, and a page dedicated to phone numbers and websites that aim to help the overall problem.

Memoir: A Moveable Feast was published in 1964 after Ernst Hemingway’s death. The memoir has Hemingway’s collection of tales about his days living as an expat writer in Paris during the 1920s, before he got famous. Memoir example and definition.

Graphic Novel: The website that is linked will say that this genre is not a genre at all but a format. A good example of a graphic novel would be Spiderman or Bleach, which is a Japanese graphic novel called a manga. Graphic novel examples.

Memoir: Rules to writing a memoir are pretty simple. It must be interesting, it must have a theme, and it must be personal. Memoir rules.

Graphic Novel: The rules for graphic novels are a little more detailed than the memoir. To start off you will need to choose a drawing style. Create character and some ideas for the novel. Next do a rough sketch then create the final draft. Choose your paper and pencil in the entire page. once penciled in, if you like what you see make the necessary parts darker and refined. Ink the lettering and erase any pencil lines. Some people color there work, others do not; ultimately it is up to you weather or not you want to color the pictures in. Once finished all there is to do is print it off and sell them. Graphic novel rules.

Both the memoir and graphic novels follow the rules, however, only one can stretch the rules. For instance, a graphic novel can be colored or not colored, while the memoir is print. However, both memoirs and graphic novels have pictures in them to illustrate important events to readers. Authors choose memoirs to show readers a true story that is different from their everyday lives, and that compels them to read more about that person’s life. Authors of graphic novels use that style to attract readers who like a superhero or anime feel.


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