Blog Post #3

Amanda Davies

English 102

Topic Proposal

Are foster care systems helping children in the long run? Is the program beneficial to the children’s mental and physical well fare and are there problems that should be addressed? Is the economic toll too much or is the problem not the money but the system overall?

Working with children at the University’s Children’s Center, I started to wonder what would happen if their parents could not take care of them anymore and the bad side of foster care. Not that there is not good sides to foster care, but is the affect of it reliable when the child turns an adult or a teenager, what affects will it have caused overall? This is what made me think about this topic more seriously. This question is relevant because the overall well being of a person, especially a child,  should not be taken lightly.

“Mental and behavioral health is the largest unmet health need for children and teens in foster care ()”.There are some pretty bad experiences in foster care, and some lead to death. It seems to me that the background check or whatever other systems in place should screen people better. Personally, I know a family that takes care of foster children, and a lot of the children they get have been badly abused by other foster parents, not all, but quit a few. It has an effect on the other kids of the family, and in turn the parents. Overall it is a good experience because it lets children have a good home, but are the few good homes worth all the other bad homes?

I feel as though a different screening process needs to take place, and that drug and alcohol tests be administered before and after arrival. This is a problematic situation because while there are problems, there really has been no better solution made, nor really improved as much as it should be. This question may not be significant to most, but to kids that actually need help, it makes the world of a difference. The children in the foster care are affected by this imperfect system, and the economy and tax payers as well. Economic and social issues are negative results of the wide reaching consequences on the foster care system.


American Academy of Pediatrics. “Mental and Behavioral Health.” Healthy Foster Care      America. AAP, n.d. Web. 16 June 2015. <    health-initiatives/healthy-foster-care-america/Pages/Mental-and-Behavioral-Health.aspx>.

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