Blog Post #1

Five goals that I have for English 102 are:

  1. Learning more terms. I understand what happens I just do not know the name for them. For example, I did not know that I understood what irony was until someone in class gave me an example, then I knew instantly. I never really understand by just writing down a lot of definitions, although I learned very well by examples in everyday life.
  2. Broadening my writing. I have not written many educational or book pieces that are recommended by professors.
  3. Writing and not getting bored with assigned work.
  4. Turning assignments in early.
  5. And writing with a better vocabulary.

My three strengths as a writer are:

  1. I can be detailed but not too detailed that it is boring.
  2. If it interests me I can be very creative.
  3. Biggest strength would be my imagination.

My three weakness as a writer are:

  1. I do not stay interested for long on assigned work.
  2. My sentence structure is horrible.
  3. Worst weakness would be my vocabulary.

My experiences in writing are limited to classroom AP English, where we wrote essays every day for the class year. If I was interested in the topic I loved to write about many different options for one topic not able to decide.

My writing involving social media is limited to Facebook, and I have only had an account for about two years. My experience is controversial. I love how Facebook allows me access to information, but hate…..(but maybe also like) how many arguments it starts.

I follow Facebook pretty actively. I check messages about every hour and look at the news feed five times a day.


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