About Blog #1

This picture represents my relationship with writing perfectly.  Growing up I loved to read to escape whatever I was feeling. When I read I was transferred over to another world or time and would get sucked into someone else’s story. Reading for me was an escape and writing was an even greater one. Now I could control the outcome of the story and I loved how many possibilities there were for me to write about. Writing inspires me not just in books but music as well. Overall writing has saved me from thinking about too many things that could happen and let’s me enjoy the time spent in a book or listening to lyrics that I can relate to. Something about myself that I would share is that I am married and am from Las Vegas and Laughlin Nevada.

“Different Worlds.” – Free Desktop Wallpaper, HD Wallpapers Download and New 3D Wallpapers on MyHDwallpapers.net.              N.p., n.d. Web. 15 June 2015.


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